National Pool Lifeguard Courses (NPLQ)

Work as a Pool Lifeguard

The NPLQ is the Nationally and Internationally recognised qualification required for you to work as a lifeguard at a swimming pool.

At Atlantic Coast Lifeguards we offer you the chance to learn and train how to become a a fully qualified Pool Lifeguard. At the end of the course you will be assessed, and upon passing you will receive the NPLQ qualification.

About the NPLQ:

What will you need to do, to get the NPLQ?

The lifeguard qualification is delivered over five days and is independently assessed.

Candidates who are not successful have the option to retake any section which they fail within 28 days – inclusive within the initial certification is a retake section at no extra charge on the assessment form. Costs of the assessor and facility maybe incurred.

Health and Safety on Courses:

Due to the nature of the course candidates will be required and be aware of the following:

To lift and move candidates from the water as part of a team – correct methods of lifting will be taught but we should be informed of any pre existing injuries prior to the course starting.

The following statement should be read to candidates at the commencement of both training courses and assessments:
“The Society does not support the use of unassisted lifting during training and assessment. You should take note that all casualty lifting carries with it an element of risk.”

The National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) also has widespread International recognition; significantly through the International Life Saving Federation.