Summer 2014…. Can’t wait!!!!

Its a very busy time of year for  atlantic coast lifeguards!

We have trained over 150 pool/beach lifeguards so far this year, all of them hope to patrol our beaches around Ireland or work in one of our many swimming pools as lifeguards during the summer of 2014!

A lot are also leaving to pursue work in America/Australia/New Zealand/Canada and so many other far away lands! Thats why having a recognised national and international lifeguard qualification is useful!

We are updating our website as you can see! We are also updating all of our posters and leaflets, so if you would like to get a batch for your centre, make sure to contact me on

Only a few spaces are left on all courses before the summer with no more to be added. There will be no lifeguard courses during the summer months, but we will be starting up courses in September again!