PXB – A pool lifeguards new best friend


What is the PXB?
The revolutionary Pool Extraction Board (PXB) is a the new design which creates faster rescue times, offers improved safety and has the potential to reduce demands placed on staff whilst ensuring the casualty is extracted from the pool with the correct care and attention.
– A deck level pool only requires two lifeguards
– A free board pool needs three lifeguards
– Reduces the time frame dramatically of getting casualty out
– Safer exit for the casualty but hugely reduces the manual handing for lifeguards

“The new board and extraction technique represents a major advance in the management of both medical and trauma emergencies occurring in water. The RLSS UK is to be congratulated on the innovative board design which can be used for both deck level pools and pools with a free board.”

The eagerly anticipated Pool Extraction Board (PXB), created in partnership with the RLSS and Ferno  is now available for Lifeguards in Ireland and is available  to order from RLSS Direct.

All Atlantic coast Pool Lifeguard Courses will train and assess you in the PXB and this new qualification will be shown on your certificate.