Renewal Candidates


If your certificate of Lifeguarding is still valid. Please use the ‘Renewal Candidate’ Options.

  • Renewal candidates will be asked to supply evidence of qualifications before the first day of the course. A copy of your certificate must be emailed to ACL.

The full course fee is €210, and you can select from the dropdown menu below what amount you would like to pay now, and the course dates.

  • Course must be paid for in full, 14 working days in advance of the first day of course.
  • Due to limited space on each course and to the purchase of material for the candidate prior to the course, there are NO REFUNDS on deposits.
  • Full course fee is nonrefundable if cancellation is less than 7 working days in advance of course start date.
  • Before making a booking, please make sure you can attend your preferred date – and have also read the course pre-requisites.
  • To save on transactions you also have the option of paying full course fee.

Every Candidate, prior to the commencement of training for the NPLQ must:
Be 16 years of age, and must be able to meet the following basic fitness criteria:
– Jump/dive into deep water.
– Swim 400m in a recommended time of 7mins 30 secs.
– Swim 200m continuously on their front and back.
– Run at least 400m.
– Surface dive up to 2m
– Surfed a minimum of 3 times
Every candidate, prior to commencement of training for the NPLQ must be 16 years of age, and be able to meet the following basic fitness criteria :
– Jump / dive into deep water.
– Swim 50 metres in less than 60 seconds.
– Swim 50 metres continuously side stroke.
– Tread water for 30 seconds.
– Surface dive to the floor of the pool.
– Climb out unaided without ladder / steps and where the pool design permits.