Pool lifeguard trainer/assessor course


Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessors are responsible for the delivery of the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) throughout Ireland & UK.

If you are an experienced Pool Lifeguard then this should be the next step in your leisure career.

What does it involve? 

To become a Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessor you will have to attend a five day course.

If successful on the course you will leave as a Probationary RLSS UK Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessor. The probationary period is a maximum of two years from course completion. You will then be allocated a National Trainer Assessor or a Mentor.

As a Probationary Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessor you will have to:

  • Arrange an NPLQ course by using the Master Programme. You must have a maximum of 12 candidates on the course and your Mentor or NTA has to agree for the course to go-ahead
  • You will then deliver your NPLQ course
  • Mentor or NTA will confirm that you have ran a full NPLQ course, have presented candidate and relevant records properly and the assessment was well planned
  • Mentor or NTA will then complete section 2 of form LG9
  • Mentor or NTA will arrange an NPLQ assessment for you
  • You will then carry out the assessment with the Mentor present
  • If competent Mentor completes section 3 of form LG9

On completion of the probationary period a TA card of Authority will be issued.

Course Pre-Requisites 

Every candidate attending a Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessor course must:

  • Be 18 years of age,
  • Be a member of the Royal Life Saving Society UK and
  • Hold a full National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ)

Course Content 

The Trainer Assessor course is a week in duration and comprises of four modules:

  • Train the Trainer
  • Train the Assessor
  • CPR and First Aid
  • 8th Edition National Pool Lifeguard Qualification

Benefits of becoming a Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessor

  • Ability to deliver and train potential Lifeguard
  • Progression in Lifeguard and Leisure career
  • Work with a diverse group people
  • Mentor Lifeguards
  • Maintain standards in work place


What each day of the course includes

Day 1: Train the trainer

Element 1 – The Trainer Assessor

Element 2 – The Learning Process

Element 3 – Organisation

Element 4 – Planning Courses & Lessons

Element 5 – Health & Safety

Element 6 – Training Pool Based – POOL

Element 6 – Training Classroom based

Day 2 : Train the assessor

Element 1 – The Principles of Assessment

Element 2 – Planning an Assessment

Element 3 – Managing the Assessment

Element 4 – Assessing Personal Competencies – POOL

Element 5 – Making the Assessment Decision

Element 6 – Assessment Administration

Day 3: CPR & first aid

Element 1 – Chain of Survival

Element 2 – Manikin Maintenance

Element 3 – Demonstrate and Teach CPR

Element 4 – Assessing CPR

Element 5 – CPR in Special Applications (SCIM)

Element 6 – Teaching In-water CPR (unconscious casualty) – POOL

Element 7 – First Aid Presentation

Element 8 – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Day 4: 8th edition NPLQ

Element – 1 Delivering RLSS 8th Edition NPLQ

Element – 2 8th Edition NPLQ Structure

Element – 3 Plan 8th Edition NPLQ Lesson

Element – 3 Deliver 10 minute of 8th Edition Lesson

Element – 4 Assessing NPLQ

Day 5: 8th edition NPLQ including spinal cord injury management

Element – 2 SCIM – POOL

Element – 3 Ongoing Training and Competency Training

Element – 4 What Happens Next