Lifeguard training school

Atlantic coast lifeguards are always striving to be the most up to date lifeguard training school in Ireland and the UK

With this in mind we include some of the best equipment on the market to aid in lifeguard training but also to make the lifeguards we train as employable as possible!

All our lifeguard courses include:

  • International Pool lifeguard
  • Life support
  • AED
  • PXB – Pool extraction Board
  • Pool lifeguard first aid

Here is a sample of some of the equipment we use:

PXB Pool Extraction Board

What is the PXB?

Designed specifically for lifeguards and operators, it provides significantly faster rescue times, improved safety, and reduces demands on staff. The innovation requires just two trained users to carry out a pool rescue for deck-level pools, and three trained users for freeboard pools (max freeboard depth 30cms) as opposed to the traditional four users. This means fewer lifeguards are drawn into a rescue, enabling them to continue to monitor other swimmers and perform key roles in a rescue situation. The versatile board can be used with or without a freeboard and at any depth. A rescue using the new Pool Extraction Board can be accomplished in as little as 90 seconds.
The new board has also been designed to work around existing pool lifeguard techniques for seamless training and integration through the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ).

Little Anne QCPR Manikin

What is QCPR?
QCPR (Quality CPR) is the next generation of CPR training equipment. Wirelessly connect your manikins to your phone or IPad and receive high quality feedback about your learner’s performance. See up to six learner’s feedback at the same time, including:
• Real-time feedback
• Details on compression release, depth and rate, ventilation volume, number of compressions/ventilations/cycles
• A performance summary with an overall score and improvement suggestion

From October 2017 we will have QCPR on all our courses