Largest lifeguard training school in Ireland & UK

2017 has been our busiest year to date!

Atlantic coast lifeguard have trained over 500 lifeguards this year so far! WOW!

We run public and private lifeguard courses in Ireland & UK and strive for excellence in this area. Our Coaches train lifeguard courses on a full time basis so have the most up to date knowledge available and will only teach what is in the current syllabus.

We are always looking to run lifeguard courses in new areas, so if you have access to a pool and are having trouble finding a course just get onto us and we  will endeavour to run a course close to you!

As you can imagine finding swimming pool time is tough as there is a shortage of swimming pools in Ireland and those pools that are there are pretty busy with lessons already!


Some Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S) we get:

What does the depth number on a certificate mean? What the depth of pool was when you took your exam. But this does not mean you cannot work in a deeper pool – all that has to happen is your employer/manager/onsite trainer needs to witness you get to the deepest part of their pool and then you are automatically qualified. This will happen at your pre work assessment process or at induction stage into your place of work

Does my qualification work abroad? Yes the RLSS is part of the international lifesaving society and has world wide recognition. This is stated on your certificate.

Does my qualification include Garda vetting? No Garda vetting is undertaken by your employer and can only be sought by your employer. They will organise this before you start work. You will have to do this process each time you commence a new job. A training organisation cannot do this for you.

Do I get a manual? On day one you must be given a lifeguard training manual – if you are n a course that does not give you a manual, something is wrong and question the trainer – do not complete a course unless a  lifeguard training manual is given!

What certificate do I get? Upon passing the exam you will be given a pink slip – this slip covers you to start work immediately and will last for 3 months. This is in place until you more formal one arrives in the post. But great news! Shortly you will be receiving the certificate instantly by email as soon as the exam finishes to avoid the wait!