RLSS Water Safety Management Programme (WSMP)

RLSS Water Safety Management Programme (WSMP)


The Water Safety Management Programme (WSMP) is a new programme which the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) is launching in 2011 to provide training to adults who work with young people in and around the water.

The programme is designed to give leaders the knowledge and skills to safely manage a structured swimming activity with young people. The focus of the course is water safety, management of swimming and prevention of drowning, however there is an element of rescue and recovery included.

There are three levels to the WSMP:

  • Level 1 – Basic Water Safety Management
  • Level 2 – Environment Specific (Beach or River)
  • Level 3 – In Water Rescue Unit

The course is designed to be accessible, however there is a practical element which requires the following:

  • A current first aid qualification (first response or higher)
  • An understanding of the principles of risk assessment and the ability to conduct an effective risk assessment
  • Confidence in the water
  • Ability to conduct a 30 metre swim and non-contact tow of a simulated conscious casualty
  • Ability to conduct a 15 metre swim tow of an unconscious casualty
  • Ability to dive underwater to a depth of 1.5 metres

These skills will be checked during the course through practical tasks and in-water activities. You need to come prepared to take part on both days in water-based activity in both a river environment and the sea.

To prepare for the course you should build a programme of training to ensure that you will be capable of performing the skills outlined above in an open water environment (generally at a beach). You should take into account the weather and water temperature as well as the clothing you may require.

This course is aimed at school teachers, youth leaders and Outdoor adventure instructures and can be tailored for your individual sport.

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