22 mile charity swim for cystic fibrosis (please support this worthy cause)

A young lad by the name of James Garvey (some might know him form a the TV lifeguard series called mission beach) has decided to swim 22 miles for charity, to him the challenge is not in the swim but getting everyone to sponsor him some cash for a very worthy cause. James is a qualified RLSS lifeguard and is training well in advance for this!


Here is what he has to say……..

Call me crazy ha-ha but I have decided to swim 22 miles in Ballyshannon pool, in order to raise much needed funds for cystic fibrosis. I have been training non-stop for a long time, doing long swims and a lot of cardio training. However last Friday I done an18k pool swim which took me around five hours, but I had to get out half way because the chlorine was burning my throat so much, after a pint of milk I was much better, then got back in to do another few k. Any way after the swim I decided it would be a good idea to go boxing, IT WAS NOT. Ha-ha, after feeling pretty poorly whilst training for the following week, I found that I had over trained, and on Monday my immune system just shut down, and I got sick. It’s been four days now and I’m feeling a bit better, and planning to start back at training on Monday. I’m still feeling fitter than ever and feel I will be ready for the swim by the end of March/ start of April.
You can keep up with my training on my blog..https://james-garvey.blogspot.com/


Any donations no matter how big/small would be much appreciated!  you can donate via my just giving page by credit card shown below, or if you would prefer cash/cheque you can mail me and il get you an address, thanks a million!